Selected Projects

Projects featured on this page were entirely or almost entirely engineered and developed by me. That includes all technology choices, software design decisions and application inner-works.


Discover new apps and games through friends

RESTfull mobile app backed for Android and iOS. Real-time updates, push notifications, sms-based auth workflow and smart app usage discovery.

Project for Opular

Python Django PostgreSQL Redis REST Twillio Push notifications Real-time notifications Pusher Heroku Twitter Bootstrap


Exclusive offers and promotions in your city

  • Location-based RESTfull app backed with push notifications for personalized content delivery
  • Shop and promotion management site
  • Client management panel with complete billing service

Project for Markt&Geist

Python Django PostgreSQL REST Push notifications Location-based service Ansible LESS Twitter Bootstrap


Madical articles recommendation service

MedSlate is a web application that provides personalized article recommendations for doctors of various specialties. It creates a social experience around raw article data sets from a wide range of clinical journals and datasets. The application augments information with ratings, tags, collections and reviews, and encourages users to collaborate in work or research groups.

Under the hood it utilizes data processing, machine learning, collaborative filtering and full-text search techniques.

Project for Medslate

Python Django PostgreSQL Java Jetty Mahout Machine Learning JavaScript jQuery Backbone.js LESS Twitter Bootstrap Ubuntu Apache UI/UX

Culture Orbs

Life is a collection of orbs. Collect experiences, not things.

Social site for collecting and sharing orbs. Includes search and social services integration, activity feeds, user profiles, orb stories, commens and recommendations.

Project for Culture Orbs

Python Django PostgreSQL Heroku Amazon S3 JavaScript jQuery Backbone.js LESS Twitter Bootstrap UI/UX


Pharmaceuical information service

E-leki is a service that provides unified and accessible information on medicines registered for distribution on the Polish market. It also features scheduling and calendaring tools for physicians and patients.

Project for up-tech consulting

Python Django PostgreSQL JavaScript jQuery Backbone.js LESS Twitter Bootstrap Ubuntu Apache

Invoice Management

Invoice approval integrated with Google Apps and Mail

App Engine application that streamlines document workflow and reduces number of invoices piling up on managers' desks.

The application receives emails with attached PDF documents from multifunctional scanners, detaches files and uploads them to Google Docs. After applying access rights according to predefined set of rules it then notifies managers. Notified people receive call-to-action emails that trigger Google Mail Contextual Gadget visible under the message text.

The gadget displays invoice information, current status and action form along with document preview. Managers can then take action and approve or reject the document straight from the inbox without ever leaving Google Mail. Collected document statuses are recorded and are used to generate spreadsheet with information for accounting.

Project for Kursaal Oostende, Belgium

Python Tipfy App Engine GData API Spreadsheets API GMail Contextual Gadgets Google Apps Marketplace OpenSocial JavaScript jQuery HTML CSS

Order Planning

Order planning for international fashion manufacturing company

Order planning application run on App Engine platform and tightly integrated with Google Apps.

The web application takes care of all planning-related tasks and reporting using information collected from various data sources and divisions and eliminates tedious manual tasks. It applies per-client reasoning and calculations using organized and systematized business knowledge that was written down as a set of readable rule.

Orders data is imported from local Navision intake system into App Engine and is verified for completeness and correctness. After that the business knowledge is applied to compute expected dates and factors where possible. Responsible people provide additional manual information for planning and actual dates and values for schedule verification and possible delay monitoring.

The application provides one version of always up-to-date overview of company operations online as well as directly in Google Apps Email inbox using contextual and sidebar email gadgets.

The app is tightly and transparently integrated with Google Apps environment using several interaction points:

  • Universal navigation and single sign-on google apps marketplace integration
  • Google Mail Sidebar Gadgets for tracking and managing active orders
  • Google Mail Contextual Gadgets for collecting additional information
  • Google Spreadsheets with simple DSL to describe order planning rules

Project for Grossomoda, Netherlands

App Engine GData API Spreadsheets API Google Apps API GMail Contextual Gadgets Google Apps Marketplace Google Apps Seamless Integration OpenSocial Single Sign-On

Google Apps Scripts & Gadgets

Automating common tasks in Google Apps environment

Various applications for managing Google Apps information:

  • Client Intake Processing (Dewaele, Belgium) - data collection, reporting and processing using Apps Scripts UI.
  • Google Directory Contacts Search Gadgets (Dewaele, Belgium) - regional contact search as Google Sites gadget using data from contacts directory, personal address book and spreadsheet information
  • Google Calendar Backup (Romneya, Belgium) - calendar backup for whole Google Apps domain
  • Google Docs Migration (Romneya, Belgium) - migrate documents and participants from one domain to another
  • Holiday Consolidation (R4C, Belgium) - generate consolidated holiday calendar
  • Google Forms Visualization Gadgets - present spreadsheet answers in visual form on Google Sites

Project for Various Clients

Python App Engine JavaScript Google Apps Script GData API Contacts API Spreadsheets API Google Sites Gadgets Google Apps Marketplace jQuery jQueryUI HTML CSS

PyQT widgets and components

Desktop application components and widgets

Flexible network-based Image Gallery widget and XMPP Client Qt library components for content management desktop application.

Project for, leading Polish media company

Python PyQt


Analytics for Mobile

Mobile analytics solution for tracking usage and features in mobile applications. Complete mobile analytics solution for collecting, persisting, processing and visualizing summarized tracking information gathered from thousands of mobile devices.

Project for Magnolia Labs, San Francisco, USA

Python Django PostgreSQL MySQL AWS Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon SQS Apache Ubuntu HTML CSS 960 Grid Framework JavaScript jQuery iPhone SDK Android SDK

YellowPages Two

Local search, advertisement and content syndication for mobile

Customizable local search engine and a set of publishing, analytics and development products and technologies including:

  • customizable search page and widget system for bloggers and publishers
  • merchant search efficiency analytics and listing management
  • search and content contribution web APIs for developers
  • view and call tracking and log processing system for computing search statistics, monetization and trends
  • multiplexing search and ranking system using local and 3rd party search providers

Project for Magnolia Labs, San Francisco, USA

Python Django Twisted PostgreSQL PostGIS MySQL AWS Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon SQS Apache Ubuntu HTML CSS 960 Grid Framework JavaScript jQuery Microformats


Automated build system and deployment for mobile apps

Build and publishing system for mobile applications that delivers customized binaries from app templates using user-provided values. Asynchronous, queue-based build system for iPhone and other platforms.

Project for Magnolia Labs, San Francisco, USA

Python Django PostgreSQL RabbitMQ Amazon S3 Ubuntu Mac OS X iPhone SDK HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery


CRM solution for Magnolia Labs

Custom CRM solution for effectively managing hundreds of customers and leads progress.

Project for Magnolia Labs, San Francisco, USA

Python Django MySQL Amazon S3 Linode HTML CSS 960 Grid Framework jQuery Voicemail API


Social Inbox emphasizing accessible content and contacts relations

Exciting, innovative and experimental approach to email content and contacts information extraction and exploration from years of email conversation history.

The application provided easy way to import and organize emails and have images, videos, audio, documents, presentations and even source codes grouped and available for online access at a snap. Contacts graph exploration was augmented with information on friends ranking and interesting contacts statistics based on conversation history as well as bots (non-human senders) detection.

Key system components featured:

  • Robust e-mail retrieval and processing system with account settings auto-detection based on e-mail address
  • Automated content conversion pipelines for converting video, audio, documents, texts, source codes, images and presentations into common online formats
  • Data storage for organizing huge email volumes, attachments and contacts relation
  • Web application fastening together the distributed system and providing access to processed information

Project for Magnolia Labs, San Francisco, USA

Python Django MySQL AWS Amazon EC2 Amazon SQS Amazon S3 Apache Ubuntu HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery

Mutual Funds Analysis

Mutual funds information and efficiency factors

Django web application that aggregates information from external sources, computes various economical factors and ratios over time, performs portfolio simulations and statistical tests and generates visual reports and charts.

Python NumPy SciPy Django PostgreSQL HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery


Social tools for microblogging platform. It provides functionality like polls, petitions, long messages, meetings and integrates using OAuth API.


Python Django PostgreSQL OAuth Linode Ubuntu Apache mod_wsgi HTML JavaScript jQuery CSS 960 Grid Framework

Planeta IT

Supporting local IT groups in Poland.

Planeta IT is a place where you can find news about IT events in Poland. The aim of the project is to support and promote local, barcamp-like IT groups by organizing information and providing it via spectrum of topic-based channels including website, rss feeds and calendars. Information about each event are verified, easily accessible and contain where possible a precise location with map, date & time of event, description and agenda, group/organizer profile, registration details as well as important links and tags.

Python Django PostgreSQL Debian nginx HTML CSS JavaScript 960 Grid Framework JavaScript jQuery RSS iCal Microformats


Scientific wavelet library for Python

Open-Source scientific project that provides powerful wavelet computation tools with truly Pythonic, simple interface.

It is used by scientists, students and fans of wavelet transform from all over the world and was credited in several scientific publications.

I would like to work more in this area in the future. Need a data scientist? Drop me a line.


Python Cython C NumPy


My business.

Providing IT consultancy and software development services to customers in United States and Europe. Specializing in system architecture, web applications development, business process optimization, data modelling and location-based solutions.


Python Django PostgreSQL Linode Ubuntu Apache HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery SCSS Compass Media Queries

Ford Catalog Advantage

Analysis, design and development of data production and reporting solutions for Ford of North America, Ford of Europe and Land Rover automotive companies.

Employer: Clifford Thames Ltd., Chelmsford, England & Kraków, Poland