Order Planning

Order planning for international fashion manufacturing company

Order planning application run on App Engine platform and tightly integrated with Google Apps.

The web application takes care of all planning-related tasks and reporting using information collected from various data sources and divisions and eliminates tedious manual tasks. It applies per-client reasoning and calculations using organized and systematized business knowledge that was written down as a set of readable rule.

Orders data is imported from local Navision intake system into App Engine and is verified for completeness and correctness. After that the business knowledge is applied to compute expected dates and factors where possible. Responsible people provide additional manual information for planning and actual dates and values for schedule verification and possible delay monitoring.

The application provides one version of always up-to-date overview of company operations online as well as directly in Google Apps Email inbox using contextual and sidebar email gadgets.

The app is tightly and transparently integrated with Google Apps environment using several interaction points:

  • Universal navigation and single sign-on google apps marketplace integration
  • Google Mail Sidebar Gadgets for tracking and managing active orders
  • Google Mail Contextual Gadgets for collecting additional information
  • Google Spreadsheets with simple DSL to describe order planning rules

Project for Grossomoda, Netherlands, 2011

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