Chrome Extension for AI Class Forum

For over a month I have been following a online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course offered in partnership with Stanford University and taught by renowned professors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig.

As a graduate in CS:Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence I couldn't miss that opportunity and enrolled with over 160'000 other participants to an online education experiment.

The course consists of series of video units, quizes and homeworks covering, among others, topics such as probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, image processing and computer vision, robotics and natural language processing. Apart from the main course site there are also several additional resources like Aiqus Q&A forum, which serves as a student community site and generates many valuable comments on units and homeworks.

While studying I soon found myself constantly switching between these separate sites looking for information, which in turn led to unnecessary distraction and waste of time. Soon the optimize-all engineering part of me had to react.

To make the experience a bit more coherent I have created a simple Chrome browser extension that fetches related content from the aiqus site and displays it in context of particular units and homeworks directly on the course page:

List of aiqus questions displayed directly on the course page

The extension can be installed from the Google Chrome Web Store and the source code is on github.

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