Independent IT consultant and system architect creating applications for businesses and individuals. Explorer, entrepreneur at heart.

My Work

  • Web Applications

    I deal with all aspects of creating scalable and robust web applications and backends.

    System architecture, information architecture, data modelling using relational and non-relational datastores, data processing, backend and web development using open source tools like Python and Django are my daily bread.

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  • Business Applications

    I help companies small and large to make most of their business.

    I study workflows and find bottlenecks in processes. Then I create tools to help people focus on their job and perform their tasks more efficiently saving them from tedious repetitive tasks.

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  • Scientific applications

    I'm passionate about many things and one of them is applied science.

    Data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, wavelet transforms, signal and image processing. All of these helps me create smarter and more functional applications for everyday use.

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